What is Altruist Cult in GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto V, popularly known as GTA 5, is renowned for its intricate storyline, vast open-world, and a plethora of hidden secrets. One such secret that has intrigued players for years is the Altruist Cult. But what exactly is this mysterious group, and what role do they play in the game? Let’s dive in.

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Who are the Altruists?

The Altruist Cult is a group of older men residing in the San Chianski Mountain Range. They are characterized by their distrust of modern technology and younger generations. Their beliefs revolve around the idea that the world is corrupted by technology and that younger generations are to blame.

The Altruist Camp

Located in the mountains, the Altruist Camp is a fortified commune. It’s filled with various writings and symbols that hint at their beliefs. The camp is also a location for several in-game missions, making it a significant point of interest for players.

The Altruist’s Role in GTA 5

The cult plays a unique role in the game. Players can choose to deliver random event characters to the Altruist Cult for a cash reward. However, this decision comes with its own set of consequences, adding a layer of moral complexity to the game.

The Mystery Behind the Cult

There are numerous theories about the Altruist Cult’s origins and their true intentions. Some believe they are a representation of Rockstar’s commentary on society’s obsession with youth and technology. Others think there’s a deeper in-game secret yet to be discovered.


The Altruist Cult in GTA 5 offers players a glimpse into a darker, more mysterious side of the game. Their presence adds depth, intrigue, and a touch of the unknown, making the game even more captivating for players around the world.


Where can I find the Altruist Cult in GTA 5?

The Altruist Cult is located in the San Chianski Mountain Range.

Can I join the Altruist Cult in the game?

Players cannot officially join the cult, but they can interact with them through specific missions and events.

Are there any missions related to the Altruist Cult?

Yes, there are several missions in GTA 5 where players can engage with the cult, either directly or indirectly.

Is there a real-life counterpart to the Altruist Cult?

The Altruist Cult is a fictional group created by Rockstar for GTA 5. However, they might have drawn inspiration from various real-life cults and groups.

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