The Ultimate Guide to Xender for iPhone: Transfer Files with Ease

Xender is a file transfer app that allows users to share files between devices. It is available on various platforms, including iPhone. The app is user-friendly, and it is easy to transfer both large and small files.

This guide will explore how to use Xender to transfer files with ease on your iPhone.

Step 1: Download Xender

The first step in using Xender is to download it from the App Store. Go to the App Store, search for “Xender” and download it. After installation, launch the app.

Step 2: Connect to a Wi-Fi Network

To transfer files using Xender, connect your iPhone and the receiving device to the same Wi-Fi network. This is important for fast transfer speeds and to keep the transfer process stable.

Step 3: Pair the Devices

Pairing devices on Xender is straightforward. First, open Xender on both devices. On the sender’s device, tap the “Send” button while on the receiving device, tap the “Receive” button. Xender will search for available devices nearby, and once it identifies the receiving device, click on “Connect” to establish a connection.

Step 4: Select the Files to Transfer

Once the devices are paired, the sender will see a list of files and folders on their iPhone. Select the files you want to transfer and click “send” to initiate the transfer process.

Step 5: Monitor the Transfer Progress

Xender shows the transfer progress, and you can monitor it on both devices. A notification on the receiving device will indicate that files are being transferred. The transfer speed depends on the file size and Wi-Fi strength. Large files may take longer to transfer.

Step 6: Receive and Save the Files

Once the transfer is complete, the recipient can view and save the files on their device. The saved files will be located in the default file manager on the recipient’s device.

Xender is an excellent file transfer app for iPhone users, and it is straightforward to use. Remember that for smooth transfer, both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Also, check that the file size is not too big to slow down the transfer process.


This article has outlined the steps necessary to transfer files with ease on Xender for iPhone. Xender is ideal for sharing files without limitations, and it is faster than other file transfer apps. Whether you are transferring music, videos, or pictures, Xender will get the job done. Follow these steps, and you’ll be sharing files with ease in no time.