How to Do a Stoppie in GTA 5 PC?

GTA 5, developed by Rockstar Games, is a game that never ceases to amaze its players with its vast open world, thrilling missions, and a plethora of vehicles to ride. One of the many exciting features of the game is the ability to perform stunts with vehicles, especially bikes. One such stunt is the stoppie. If you’re wondering how to do a stoppie in GTA 5 PC, you’ve come to the right place.

What is a Stoppie?

Before diving into the steps, it’s essential to understand what a stoppie is. A stoppie is a motorcycle trick where the back wheel lifts off the ground while the front wheel remains stationary. It’s the opposite of a wheelie and requires a combination of balance, speed, and timing.

Step-by-Step Guide to Performing a Stoppie in GTA 5 PC

  1. Choose the Right Bike: Not all bikes in GTA 5 are suitable for stunts. Opt for sportier models like the Bati 801 or the PCJ-600 for better control and balance.
  2. Gain Some Speed: Start by accelerating your bike to a moderate speed. You don’t want to go too fast, as it might make controlling the stoppie difficult.
  3. Find a Flat Surface: Ensure you’re on a flat road or surface. Uneven terrains can disrupt the balance and make the stunt challenging to execute.
  4. Apply Front Brake: As you’re ready to perform the stoppie, firmly press and hold the front brake. On the PC, this is typically the ‘Space’ key.
  5. Control Your Balance: As you apply the brake, use the left joystick or directional keys to maintain your balance. Lean forward slightly to keep the bike from tipping over.
  6. Release and Ride: Once you’ve held the stoppie for a few seconds, gently release the brake and continue riding.

Tips for Perfecting the Stoppie

  • Practice: Like all stunts, mastering the stoppie requires practice. Find a quiet area in the game where you can practice without interruptions.
  • Adjust the Camera Angle: A more top-down camera angle can give you a better view of your bike’s balance.
  • Stay Calm: It’s easy to panic when your bike starts to tip. Stay calm, adjust your balance, and remember that it’s just a game!


Q: Can I perform a stoppie with any vehicle in GTA 5?

No, stoppies are primarily for motorcycles. Attempting them with cars or other vehicles won’t yield the desired results.

Q: Is there any benefit to performing stunts like stoppies in the game?

Beyond the sheer thrill and fun of it, performing stunts can increase your character’s driving skill in the game.

Q: I keep falling while trying the stoppie. What am I doing wrong?

It could be a combination of factors like speed, balance, or the type of bike. Ensure you’re following the steps mentioned above and practice regularly.

Performing a stoppie in GTA 5 PC is a fun and exhilarating experience. With the right bike, some practice, and a bit of patience, you’ll be showing off your new stunt skills in no time. For more tips, tricks, and guides,

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