GTA Vice City: The Definitive Edition vs. Original – A Detailed Comparison

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Vice City remains one of the most iconic titles in the gaming industry. With the release of The Definitive Edition, fans and newcomers alike have been eager to spot the differences. Let’s delve into the intricacies of both games and discover which version reigns supreme.

Graphics and Presentation

  • Original Version: The original GTA Vice City was praised for its groundbreaking graphics back in the day. The neon-lit streets, beautiful sunsets, and lively cityscape created a memorable atmosphere.
  • The Definitive Edition: Leveraging the power of modern gaming consoles and PC hardware, The Definitive Edition brings Vice City to life in high definition. Enhanced textures, improved character models, and realistic lighting make it a visual treat.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • Original Version: With its classic controls and straightforward mechanics, the original version offers a nostalgic experience to long-time fans.
  • The Definitive Edition: While retaining the essence of the original, The Definitive Edition introduces refined controls, improved physics, and smoother vehicle handling.

Sound and Music

  • Original Version: Iconic radio stations, memorable commercials, and an 80s-inspired soundtrack made Vice City’s audioscape unforgettable.
  • The Definitive Edition: While it maintains the beloved music tracks, this edition offers clearer sound quality and enhanced audio effects.

Additional Content

  • Original Version: The base game, filled with main missions, side quests, and the charming narrative that players fell in love with.
  • The Definitive Edition: Apart from the original content, players get access to some exclusive missions, vehicles, and outfits, adding more depth to the game.

Performance and Stability

  • Original Version: Faced occasional glitches and crashes, which were quite common in games of that era.
  • The Definitive Edition: With improved game engine optimization, this edition provides a more stable gaming experience with fewer glitches.


While the original GTA Vice City holds a special place in the hearts of many, The Definitive Edition brings about significant enhancements that are hard to ignore. Both versions have their own charm, but for those seeking a blend of nostalgia with modern-day improvements, The Definitive Edition might just be the pick.


Is the storyline in The Definitive Edition different from the original?

No, the core storyline remains the same. However, The Definitive Edition offers some additional missions and content.

Can I transfer my saved data from the original game to The Definitive Edition?

Typically, saving data from older versions is not compatible with remastered or definitive editions. It’s best to check the game’s official site for specifics.

Is the map of Vice City expanded in The Definitive Edition?

The core map remains largely the same, but you might find some additional details and Easter eggs in The Definitive Edition.

Which platform offers the best experience for The Definitive Edition?

This largely depends on personal preference. However, newer gaming consoles and high-end PCs would offer the best graphical experience.

Are all the original radio stations and music tracks retained in The Definitive Edition?

Most of the iconic tracks and radio stations are retained, but there might be some omissions due to licensing issues.

How does the multiplayer experience differ between the two versions?

The original Vice City did not have a dedicated multiplayer mode. It’s advised to check the game’s official site for any multiplayer enhancements in The Definitive Edition.

Is modding supported in The Definitive Edition?

Modding capabilities vary across platforms and game versions. The official Rockstar site would provide the most accurate information.

Which version is recommended for first-time players of GTA Vice City?

For a modern gaming experience, The Definitive Edition would be recommended. However, purists might enjoy the charm of the original version.

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