GTA Vice City Hidden Packages Guide: Unlock the City Sleuth Trophy

GTA Vice City, a classic in the world of gaming, offers an immersive world filled with exciting locations that every player should know. From the bustling streets of downtown to the serene beaches, there’s a location for every kind of adventure. Let’s explore the iconic GTA Vice City locations that have captured the hearts of millions.

1. Ocean Beach

A mesmerizing coastal area, Ocean Beach is home to the iconic lighthouse and is a perfect place to start any adventure or even just enjoy the sunset over the water.

2. Washington Beach

Adjacent to Ocean Beach, Washington Beach houses various hotels and apartment complexes. It’s a buzzing area, especially at night with its vibrant nightlife.

3. Downtown

The business hub of Vice City. Skyscrapers, offices, and the famous Hyman Memorial Stadium – Downtown is where all the action happens.

4. Little Havana and Little Haiti

These cultural enclaves offer unique missions, characters, and vibes, portraying the rich diversity of Vice City.

5. Vice Point

A blend of commercial and residential areas, Vice Point is known for its malls and the Leaf Links Golf Club.

6. Escobar International Airport

A hotspot for various missions, this location is perfect for those looking to make a quick escape or arrival.

7. Starfish Island

Home to the rich and famous of Vice City, this luxurious island boasts mansions and scenic views, including the residence of the drug lord, Ricardo Diaz.

8. Prawn Island

An island located in the northern part of Vice City, it’s mostly known for its dilapidated houses and the movie studio which is central to several missions.


GTA Vice City isn’t just about missions and heists; it’s about exploring a richly detailed world that tells its own stories through its locations. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the streets of Vice City, there’s always something new to discover in these iconic locations.


What is the main inspiration behind GTA Vice City’s design?

GTA Vice City is heavily inspired by 1980s Miami, capturing its unique vibe, culture, and aesthetics.

Which location is best for starting missions in GTA Vice City?

Downtown is a popular choice given its proximity to various businesses and the hustle and bustle of city life.

Are there any hidden locations in GTA Vice City?

Yes, Vice City boasts several hidden packages and secret spots, encouraging players to explore the map in depth.

How does GTA Vice City’s map compare to other GTA games?

While smaller than the maps of newer GTA games, Vice City offers a dense and detailed environment, making it a fan favorite.

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