GTA Vice City Characters: Your Comprehensive Guide to the Full List and Voice Actors

Since its release, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has remained one of the most influential video games of all time. At the heart of this game lie its diverse and memorable characters. Let’s delve into some of the most iconic personalities that have helped shape the narrative of this beloved game.

Tommy Vercetti

Arguably the most iconic of all GTA Vice City characters, Tommy Vercetti is the main protagonist of the game. Recently released from prison, Tommy is sent to Vice City to oversee a drug deal. However, things go awry, and he’s forced to reclaim lost money and drugs, setting the stage for the game’s events.

Sonny Forelli

The main antagonist, Sonny is the reason Tommy is in Vice City. A powerful mob boss, he sends Tommy on the fateful drug deal and becomes increasingly antagonistic as the game progresses, eventually culminating in a final showdown.

Lance Vance

Starting as an ally, Lance Vance has a complicated relationship with Tommy. After suffering personal tragedies, he becomes a close associate. However, loyalty is a fickle thing in the world of Vice City.

Ken Rosenberg

Ken is Tommy’s jittery lawyer and the one who introduces him to various contacts in Vice City. Though he’s often out of his depth, Ken remains a helpful ally throughout Tommy’s journey.

Avery Carrington

A real estate mogul, Avery becomes an ally to Tommy, offering him various missions related to property disputes, further highlighting the theme of power struggles in Vice City.

Other Notable Characters

From the enigmatic Colonel Cortez to the fierce Mercedes Cortez and the ambitious Ricardo Diaz, the game is filled with characters that add depth, intrigue, and flavor to Tommy’s journey.


The characters in GTA Vice City are more than just virtual entities; they represent a diverse range of personalities, ambitions, and flaws. They reflect the very essence of the ’80s era, capturing its glitz, glamour, and underlying darkness. These characters aren’t just memorable for their words and actions within the game, but also for the indelible mark they’ve left on gaming culture.


1. Who is the main character in GTA Vice City?

Tommy Vercetti is the central character around whom the story revolves.

2. Are there any female protagonists in the game?

While there are influential female characters like Mercedes Cortez, the main protagonist is male.

3. What is the main theme of GTA Vice City?

The game predominantly explores themes of power, betrayal, and the criminal underworld set against the backdrop of 1980s Miami.

4. Is Tommy Vercetti based on a real person?

While Tommy is a fictional character, his style and persona have been compared to various ’80s icons and movie characters.

5. Who is the main antagonist in the game?

Sonny Forelli stands as the primary antagonist, with his ambitions clashing directly with Tommy’s.

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