GTA Vice City – 10 Secret Easter Eggs You Might Not Have Known!

GTA Vice City, Rockstar’s ode to the neon-lit 80s, isn’t just a game about missions and mob bosses. Nestled within its digital confines are countless mysteries, nods to pop culture, and inside jokes from the developers.

These are the Easter Eggs that have kept players engaged, exploring, and theorizing for years. Here, we uncover some of the most captivating GTA Vice City Easter Eggs.

1. The Moon-Shooting Trick

If you’ve ever taken aim at the moon in Vice City with a sniper rifle, you might have noticed a peculiar thing – it changes size! This is one of the quirkiest in-game phenomenons that has intrigued many a player.

2. Scarface Homage

In Little Havana, above a pizza joint, lies an apartment eerily reminiscent of a scene from the movie Scarface. The room contains a chainsaw weapon pickup, alluding to the film’s intense chainsaw sequence.

3. Rockstar’s Pool Signature

Ever noticed the Vercetti Estate’s pool shape? It’s modeled after Rockstar’s logo. A quiet yet undeniable stamp from the game’s creators.

4. The Bridge Message

A sign on the bridge connecting the two islands cheekily reads, “You weren’t supposed to be able to get here you know.” It’s Rockstar’s way of acknowledging and teasing the relentless curiosity of players.

5. The Haunting ‘Ghost World’

Just south of North Point Mall, players can glitch through a wall, dropping into a ‘Ghost World.’ This peculiar space offers a unique perspective of the game, revealing its unrendered facets.

6. Sea Sparrow Treasure

Upon collecting 80 hidden packages, a Sea Sparrow helicopter spawns behind the Vercetti Estate. It’s not just any helicopter, though. It boasts machine guns, ensuring players are airborne and unstoppable.

7. The Driving Teddy

In the Downtown area, keen-eyed players will spot a Top Fun van. Inside, a large teddy bear is seemingly at the wheel, ready for a drive.


GTA Vice City isn’t merely a journey through the criminal underworld of the 80s; it’s a treasure trove of hidden gems, nods to pop culture and developer insights.

These Easter Eggs enrich the gameplay, making Vice City a masterpiece that continues to engage and surprise even the most seasoned players.


Q1: Are there more Easter Eggs in GTA Vice City not mentioned here?

Absolutely! Vice City is teeming with secrets. This list covers some of the most iconic, but exploration will surely yield more discoveries.

Q2: Can Easter Eggs help players in missions?

While some Easter Eggs, like the Sea Sparrow, can offer advantages, most are meant for pure entertainment or intrigue.

Q3: Are there similar Easter Eggs in other GTA games?

Yes, Rockstar is known for embedding Easter Eggs in all their GTA titles. Each game contains its unique set of secrets.

Q4: Why are they called “Easter Eggs” in video games?

The term refers to hidden treats or surprises, much like how children hunt for decorated “Easter eggs” during the holiday.

Q5: How do I find the Ghost World?

Head south of the North Point Mall and explore the buildings. It takes a keen eye and a bit of glitching, but it’s there for the persistent!

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