FMWhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2023 | Anti-Ban

FMWhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2023 | Anti-Ban


FMWhatsapp is a qualified version of the official Whatsapp that offers a variety of extra features. The official WhatsApp app has no issues, however, it lacks some features that make it useful to use. FMWhatsapp Apk has a lot of features that the regular WhatsApp app doesn’t have. It makes no difference whether we’re using the official WhatsApp client or a modified one. We are continuously on the lookout for the greatest app with the most features. There are several Whatsapp MOD APKs available on the internet nowadays, some of which are genuine copies of the original application with no extra features, and others that are false. As a result, we’ve chosen to gather such WhatsApp MODs from reliable sources and make them easily accessible to you.




There’s a reason why many prefer to utilize modifications apk over the official application. The use of the MOD APK improves the overall experience of the user. MOD developers make changes to the app’s present features and constantly add new ones. It is commonly stated that MODs are a better choice than the original program. Users choose to use apps of the WhatsApp App rather than the official version as their need for privacy and new features grows. This is due to the fact that mods add new features to the game that were not there in the original.

Info of FMWhatsApp APK


Name FMWhatsApp APK
Size 52 MB
Version Latest
Requirement Android
Last Update 1 Day Ago

   FMWhatsApp APK Download



Hiding the Last Seen

In WhatsApp discussions, some individuals usually wish to freeze the last seen. Officially, you can switch off the last seen with the original Whatsapp app. On the other hand, you won’t be able to view the last seen of other people on Whatsapp since FM Whatsapp will permit you to view the last seen of other users while others won’t be able to see yours. Download FM Whatsapp APK.

Hiding Status View

This is yet another useful function of FM Whatsapp. The majority of individuals favor MOD due of the greater privacy options it provides. People who have put tales on their status will not be aware that you are watching their status if you use this tool.

Showing Blue Ticks

This feature of FM Whatsapp may be useful to you because it allows you to go fully undetected, without even informing your pals that you are using WhatsApp and viewing the messages but not responding to them. We frequently receive messages, read them, but are unable to respond due to a variety of factors. So, what’s the answer to that? The transmitter will only view blue ticks if you reply to them, not if you simply see the message, thanks to FM WhatsApp.



Conceal Double Ticks

This is also another best feature of FM Whatsapp. With the help of this feature, another user will not view the double ticks which show the delivery of the message to the recipient, and the blue ticks which represent that the recipient has read the message. On the other hand, you will get the text but the sender will only view blue ticks after your reply to them and not by only viewing the text.

Concealing Typing Tag or Action of Recording    

If you are chatting with someone and then switch on this function, it will not display that you are recording an audio note or typing to that person. Download FM WhatsApp now to experience these fascinating features while maintaining the highest level of privacy.

Disabling Tag of Forwarded

The tag represents ‘forwarded’ if we forward a message to groups or friends. This might be aggravating at times. However, with the facility of FM Whatsapp, we can send any message without informing others that messages forwarded to them have been sent multiple times before reaching them.


You can personalize a variety of elements, such as themes. FMWhatsApp APK has almost 100 themes. There are also new wallpapers available. In FMWhatsapp, you may convert the style of font as well as the language. You can also upload a 7-minute status. This mod will allow you to view deleted status and messages. All of the information is available for no cost. There is no demand to cost any money; everything is free.

Guidelines of Installing FMWhatsApp APK

  • To begin, delete or disable the official WhatsApp app or the earlier version of FM WhatsApp APK.
  • To get FM WhatsApp’s new version APK, go to the above link.
  • The application will be saved to the storage of the device.
  • Toggle between Android Settings and Security Settings.
  • Activate the option to install applications from unknown sources.
  • Go to the Downloads folder and choose the FM WhatsApp APK.
  • Then the installation of the app will be completed after clicking the Install.
  • After that, open the app and sign up with your phone number.


With its amazing capabilities, FMWhatsApp Mod Apk is simply better than WhatsApp’s original version. It is the same as providing users complete control.


Why is FM WhatsApp not secure?

This FM WhatsApp mod has the potential to block the account. It can hack your data and money. A security organization recently stated that one of these mods, FMWhatsApp APK, is harming devices with malware and that it should be removed by users immediately or face a ban from WhatsApp.

In FM WhatsApp, what is an anti-delete message?

.When a user sends a message and then deletes it, the receiver will not be able to see it, but you can see it if you enable the anti-delete feature.