40+ Notion AI Commands to Boost Productivity

40+ Notion AI Commands to Boost Productivity

Notion AI is a fantastic addition to Notion. My tests showed that it is faster and more accurate than ChatGPT. It takes your commands and produces answers and content.

However, knowing the proper prompts is important, so the blog post covers 40+ Notion AI commands to boost productivity.

Content generation (13 commands)

Generating FAQs in Notion AI
Generating FAQs in Notion AI
  • Write a 500-word article on [topic]
  • Generate 10 article ideas about [subject]
  • Article ideas about [subject] for [target audience]
  • Write an outline of the [topic]
  • List some keywords to include in a blog post about [subject]
  • List some of the benefits of [product/software]
  • Write some disadvantages of using [product/software]
  • Write a conclusion paragraph about [subject]
  • List FAQs about [product/software]
  • Generate blog post headings on [subject]
  • Create a call to action about [your product], which [describe the product’s purpose].
  • Write an essay on [name] listing their contributions in [field/world]
  • Generate some business names about my new business in the [industry]

Existing content (7 commands)

Translating Text Using Notion AI
Translating Text Using Notion AI
  • Improve the last paragraph
  • Improve this text
  • Make this text easier to read
  • Summarize this text
  • Translate this text into [language]
  • Fix all the grammar mistakes
  • Change the text tone to [tone]

Notion AI Commands: Emailing (9 commands)

Generating Newsletter Ideas Using Notion AI
Generating Newsletter Ideas Using Notion AI
  • Create an email about [subject]
  • Generate an email intro for [name] about [subject]
  • Convert text into an email format
  • Generate newsletter ideas on [subject]
  • Generate a catchy subject line for a newsletter about [topic]
  • Write an email to promote my product on [platform]
  • Please write an email to convince my audience to try [product/software]
  • Create a welcome email for my audience about [topic]
  • Write a proposal email describing the benefits of my product, which [describe your product thoroughly]

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YouTube (8 commands)

Writing a YouTube Video Description in Notion
Writing a YouTube Video Description in Notion
  • Generate YouTube videos ideas about [topic]
  • Creative title ideas about [idea/title]
  • Generate YouTube tags about [topic]
  • Write a YouTube video description about [idea]
  • Write a story about [topic] to include in my YouTube video
  • Convert this text into a YouTube video script
  • Generate some YouTube channel name ideas covering [topic/product type/industry]
  • Generate a 300-word script on how to use [software package] for our new employees

Other social media (6 commands)

  • Write a tweet about [topic]
  • Generate Twitter threads about [topic]
  • Generate an Instagram caption for my post [topic] or product
  • Write a creative social media bio about [name] who talks about [topic]
  • Generate some hashtags for my LinkedIn post about [topic]
  • List some TikTok video ideas about [topic]. My audience is [the audience]

Notion AI template

Notion has an AI template that covers the 50 popular AI commands. It is free to download from the Notion website.

The bottom line

Notion AI has limitless prompts, but those were the most common and popular Notion AI commands to help you get things done quickly.

Please contribute to this post by posting your favorite commands below. Also, watch this video next to see how Notion AI generates faster results than ChatGPT.


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